Ms Terracotta

21 yrs - Nika - canada

Good way too early morning
I just got kicked out of a bar because I flashed my tits… And the videos showed me making out with a girl in the elevator… Well fuck lmao —— soooo embarrassed
Thanks Google!

All of my lady followers must send me nudes for my birthday

Flash back 
Flash back
Watching the eclipse ! 22 years old eep (:

Watching the eclipse ! 22 years old eep (:

Let the birthday festivities begin

Btw, I ruined a spontaneous foursome last night.

I’m looking through old pictures thinking about how much I hated the way they turned out - thinking “ugh I look so dumb here” but now I’m like ‘dayum that’s a good picture” 

What’s changed? I just don’t get me.